brushed dc electric

brushed dc electric

SERMAT designs and manufactures from customer specification brushed DC electric motors, rotary actuators, linear electromechanical actuators or motore

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dimanche 4 juin 2023
Motors & Electromecanisms News
Brushed DC Electric Motor - SERMAT

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SERMAT designs and manufactures from customer specification all types of products:

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02/06/2023 + Electrocal motors, actuators & electronic drives
SERMAT Compagny designs, develops and manufactures electromecanisms dedicated to very demanding fields of Aerospace, Military, Space and Industry...
01/08/2021 + Seat Actuator for Pilot and Copilot Seat
Actuator for pilot and copilot seat designed and manufactured by SERMAT. Linear and rotary actuator for pilot and copilot seat. Linear actuator with...
31/07/2021 + Stepper Motor Actuator & Resolver
Dual stepper motor actuator & resolver designed and manufactured by SERMAT Electrical Motors & associated electronic drives for many application...
24/07/2021 + Brush Starter Generator SERMAT
Brush Starter-Generator 9 kw - 28 Vdc, for helicopter and auxiliary gas engine designed and manufactured by SERMAT.
22/07/2021 + Brushless Motor for Kerozen Pump
Brushless motor with integrated electronics for kerozen pump designed and manufactured by SERMAT.
20/12/2013 - 40000 RPM Generator - SERMAT Alternator
High speed alternator for gas engine. 2 kVA - Ur = 200 Vdc & N = 40000 rpm. 5.7 kVA - Ur = 145 Vdc & N = 31500 rpm. SERMAT products
22/04/2010 - Motoreducer with Brushless Motor
Motoreducer with brushless motor and integrated electronics designed and manufactured by SERMAT.
15/04/2010 - Stand by batteries for helicopter SERMAT
Stand by batteries with integrated charger for helicopter designed and manufactured by Sermat.
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